15 September

Ascent – A Pathway to Purpose

2021-09-15T14:16:05-07:00September 15th, 2021|Hubs, Life Groups, Youth|

ASCENT is aimed at young adults who are interested in exploring their personal calling and taking steps to live that out in the world around them. It is designed to be lived out within the local church and experienced in community. At its heart, the pathway is a [...]

25 August

Looking for a Bigger Space?

2020-08-25T13:28:33-07:00August 25th, 2020|Hubs, KGF Community, Life Groups|

We recognize that many Life Groups may be needing space to accommodate for social distancing regulations so this fall we are opening rooms for use by Hubs and Life Groups. Training for hosts will mean instruction in responsible use of our space, and a welcome spot that is [...]