Phil Wagler

Lead Pastor

Thankful for Jesus, the hope of the world. Thankful for Jen, the best a man could have. Thankful for six kids, the cause of joy and prayer. Thankful for grace, the doorway into God’s Kingdom. Thankful for the Church, the family of God. Oh…and thankful for the Maple Leafs, the annual call to humility.

Todd Ringness

Board Chair

A transformed servant of Christ contributing a contradictory combination of Father’s heart with the essence of persnickety for policies and procedures. Blessed husband to Gaye and slave to a spoiled Mexico-rescue named Daisy.

Levi Simpson

Associate Pastor

I’ve been with KGF since 2012 and served as a Pastor here since 2014.  I love to look at birds, engage with the Bible, read books, and hang out with my family.  My wife, Shelley, and my three girls – Avery, Ella, and Lauren – are always the highlights of my day!

Gilles Chaput


Christian & Disciple; Believer & Follower of the Way; Brother & Friend; with a Gift for Serving but a stickler for detail, accuracy and fairness to a fault.

Garth Walker

Discipleship Communities Pastor

The old C-Man: Crafty (woodworker), Cheesie (fav cake and terrible puns), Change agent (discipler), Creation lover, Crazy (still cliff jumps), Curious Counsellor and last but most important, Christ follower!

Bernie Pankonin


Husband to Norma. Lover of the outdoors and staying active. Steady and consistent. Guy with a truck willing to help

Joel Lise

Worship Communities Pastor

Life with Christ has always been exciting for me. He gave me a wonderful wife and blessed me with two sons. He brought me across the country to beautiful BC. He gave me a love for play, laughter, and music.

Neil Dawes

Spiritual Vision & Direction

I marvel at God’s great creation of the Universe. I enjoy visiting family and friends, going for walks, biking, golf, CFL football, reading stories to my grandkids, and hanging out at the beach with my wife.

Michelle Freedman

Lead Administrator

Wife to Geoff. Mom of teens. Eat all the things. Organization and finance. Refugee advocate. Seeking beauty in His creation.

Betty Urness

Spiritual Vision & Direction

In love with Jesus. Mother to 2 fantastic sons. Grandmother to 4 gorgeous girls and 1 handsome boy. Loves hiking, golf, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, x/c skiing and nature walks with wonderful friends. Loves to read, sew, knit and garden. Motivated by prayer and God’s Word.

Pearl Fehr

Administrative Assistant

Learning patience, loving challenges, and trusting Christ in the midst of the storm I get joy from the small things like the smile of a grandchild or my latest read

Jassie Kakoschke

Human Resources

Daughter of the King. Wife, mother, daughter, friend. Coming for dinner? Bring your appetite!

Marissa Burns

Student and Mission Development

Could probably win a smiling contest (no medals to prove it…yet). Been known to start a prank war simply with sticky notes

Bernie Ziemer

Spiritual Vision & Direction

Father of 6, grandfather of 5. Passionate about growing closer to God through emotional and spiritual healing and maturity!

Devan Scollon

Student Ministries Director

Passionate about helping the next generation find their life in Jesus and living for Him!

Kathy Lindsay

Spiritual Vision & Direction

A committed follower of Jesus. A strong believer in prayer.  Loves to read, walk and stay active. Favourite Bible verse: Isaiah 41:10

Galen Bond

Technical Director

Galen makes it happen.