18 July 2021
Series: Knock

A Reluctant's Response: See the "No"

I’m feeling inadequate? Does anyone else feel that way?

The challenges of these days can make me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I can feel torn in different directions. I can feel like I’m dropping the ball.  I can feel, I think, like Moses.

Jesus knocks on the door of our lives – and community – asking to come in and be with us (Revelation 3:20). He is waiting for anyone to open the door and let him in. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, you are the “anyone” he’s seeking. This week we look at the amazing life of Moses, a person who felt entirely inadequate for the task at hand, and listen for the voice of Jesus together. Read along with our scripture reading guide as we walk our way toward the weekend.

Same Lord. Same Mission. New Adventure.

This summer a number of shifts will take place as we step into the next “normal.” Here’s a few details you should know about our meeting together as a KGF Church:

  • July – 9am Sunday @ 3714 Gordon Ave; other Hubs other places; Livestream as currently experienced
  • August – 9am Sunday @ 3714 Gordon Ave; other Hubs other places; “Livestream” becomes 10am “Online Hub” (participants join an interactive Zoom service that will include pastoral host, the sermon and opportunity for prayer and discussion).
  • September (after Labour Day weekend) – 10am Sunday @ 3714 Gordon Ave; other Hubs other places; 10am Online Hub

If you didn’t get a chance yet to hear the July 11 sermon unpacking this new adventure we’re discerning together, please do (July 11 Message). You can also find a 6-minute summary version here (Next Steps outline)

Phil Wagler – lead pastor