29 August 2021
Series: Knock

Anyone can be Suprised by God

Speaker: Guest

Bible Passage: Matthew 5: 1 - 16

Who is your enemy?  Is there anyone you avoid or push away?

Why do we keep asking these kinds of questions? Because, from Afghanistan to Abbott Street in Kelowna we find things that are dividing people these days. It’s a messy world. You’re living it. If we who know that Jesus the Prince of Peace knocks on the door of lives asking to come in don’t keep wrestling with these things, stay at the table together, pray and persevere together, then we’ve missed the point of the gospel, haven’t we? We’re also, like centuries of disciples before us, slow to learn. I am at least. So, we keep asking the questions and will again this week with Peter in the New Testament as he faced his own set of enemies.

We continue to learn of people in our KGF Church family who are testing positive for COVID. People are struggling with other health issues – sometimes very serious ones. Others have been impacted by fires. Some in their work are burning out. Many are exhausted by dizzying never-ending pivots. If you know of someone struggling, suffering or wandering through all this alone, won’t you reach out? The Spirit leads us to serve one another and act like the family of God that we are because of God’s work for us in Christ Jesus. The Spirit leads us to be a light to our community because God’s work is not bound by pandemics or even elections. This is no time to make more enemies, it is time for Gospel-ing and Fellowshipping disciples to be the church.

Jesus is standing at the door and knocking! KGF, to know Jesus and make Him known is needed now…let us open the door!

Phil Wagler – lead pastor
p.s. Have you made a commitment to regularly meet with other believers? We can help you connect to or start a Hub, group or triad. Connect with Pastor Garth and ask us how (garth@kgfchurch.com).