Be the Church: Learn the Secret

Bible Passage: Philippians 4: 10-20

The circumstances of the last couple weeks have rocked our part of the world. Are you still shaken? Are you getting numb to it all? (For the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s helpful statement in response to the discovery at site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School go here).

Where are you finding strength to thrive and help others thrive?

Life is inconceivably hard to control or plan. Have you noticed this?  Are you feeling this? The weight of what comes our way can feel like concrete on the soul. Where do you find strength?

This week we near the end of Philippians. Writing from prison the Apostle Paul has learned a secret to thriving. Want to know it? To be the church for times like these depends upon it.

The secret is…ah…maybe you need to join the KGF family this Sunday to find out 😊.

Phil Wagler – lead pastor

  • To thrive as disciples we need disciple-making community and spiritual friendship. This is why KGF believes Hubs, groups and triads are crucial!
  • To know more about Hubs and Triads go here.