3 October 2021

Crushed Hope & Heart Burn

Bible Passage: Ljuke 24: 13 - 35

In 2005 two Japanese men in their 80’s, Yoshio Yamakawa and Tsuzuki Nakauchi, emerged from the jungle on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. They had been soldiers during World War 2 and had been secluded in hiding for 60 years because they did not know the war had ended in 1945. That’s no way to live!

Have you – have we – been living like the war is not over? Are we unaware of the real news?

If we are to know how to live now, we need to be awakened to true reality. What is really going on even when our eyes fail us, our hopes have been crushed, when we are tossed between lament and celebration, when circumstances are like a storm battering and revealing if we are built on rock or sand?

How do we live now? We need our eyes opened, but how? We need to walk the road between crushed hopes and heart-burning expectations that may just be an ember in our souls.

This week we journey with the two travelers on the road to the town of Emmaus in Luke 24. They discover a reality we must awake to now.

Phil Wagler – lead pastor

Take Note:

  • This Sunday you can meet in a Hub, 10am at our Gordon Ave. campus (9:15 for Kid’s Discipleship) or join our Youth at Morning Star Bible Camp @ 11am for retreat-worship and a baptism.
  • Be generous: Are you honouring God with what he’s given you financially? Acting as family means we share this load. It’s also Operation Christmas Child time (boxes are available now). On Thanksgiving we invite you to make a food donation that we can share with our sister church, Metro Community, as they serve the vulnerable. Giving is cheerful!