19 September 2021

How do we Lament now?

Bible Passage: Lamentations 3: 1 - 33

What’s making you sad?

Have you slowed down to wonder about that?

Sometimes the sorrow, confusion, or pain we’re feeling just gets pushed down, held together with the duct tape of chores, work, school and coffee (or other things). We manage.  And, Lord knows, there has been a ton to manage these past eighteen months.

So, how do we live now? This is the question we are seeking to address as a church family. Who are you working out that question with? Do you have a hub of disciples?

This week we practice lament on our way to living well now. This important and biblical discipline is not so well known these days. Perhaps we’ll discover new hope by seeing the world through tears.

Phil Wagler – lead pastor