12 September 2021

How Do we live Now?

Speaker: Phil Wagler

How do we live now?

It’s not easy living in the “new normal.” Are masks here to stay? Will positions on vaccines endlessly divide people? What will another election prove? What bad news will be the headline this week? What does being church even look like now? Will we even stay connected to the church family we’ve known? Will the Maple Leafs break Pastor Phil’s heart yet again this year?

These are big questions and we’re all pondering them in some way (ok…maybe not the last one about the Leafs).

As we step out of summer and into the fall of 2021 we begin a series called, “How Do We Live Now?” Be prepared to ponder, lament, celebrate, wrestle (not literally), get uncomfortable and discuss how we are to live when this pandemic seems to have shifted everything. What can we learn from the experience of the disciples after the earth-shaking reality of the resurrection? What confused them? What new normal were they trying to figure out? What shifted? How did they learn to live in light of the “new normal” of resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit? Perhaps we can learn something together…again…so we can be the church, acting like God’s family, in a world asking with us, “How do we live now?”

Phil Wagler – lead pastor

p.s. This Matters:

* This Sunday is a big day! KGF @ 3714 Gordon Ave meets at 10am (with new Kid’s Discipleship beginning before the service at 9:15am). Livestream @ 10am anywhere. Picnic @ Bertram Creek Regional Park @ noon followed by baptism @ 1pm.

* Where is your Hub? Are you gathering at our building? Is yours in a home or park or online? We believing a commitment to meet with others is crucial to grow as a disciple. We can help get you connected (garth@kgfchurch.com).

* Be sure to check out the new Fall Scripture reading guide produced by Harold & Dickie Crandall.