27 June 2021

KGM Sunday

We are surrounded by the image of God everyday!

Do you think that when you see a homeless person standing in the heat? Do you think that when you see a tent behind trees or see a shopping cart full of cans someone has laboured to collect?

Those on the margins around us every day bear the image of God and, as Peter reminded us last week in 1 Peter 2:17, we as Christians are to show proper respect to everyone. How’s that going in your life? How’s that going in our city?

We are so pleased to champion the work of local ministries like Freedom’s Door, Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Center, and Kelowna Gospel Mission who are the church in action among those often forgotten. They remind us to see the image of God and be transformed as we build friendships and learn with those who can too easily be seen as different.

This week we welcome Kelowna Gospel Fellowship and will be challenged by God’s Word to learn and “flip the script.” You can also be building a care package to help their work (see details here).

Phil Wagler – lead pastor