20 June 2021

How will we act now?

Bible Passage: 1 Peter 2: 13-17

There’s a local school trustee by-election coming up on June 26. Are you voting? Do you care?

There’s been divergent views in this pandemic about governmental leaders – Horgan, Biden, Trudeau, Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Basran. Each of those names probably stir something in you.

There’s been no end of political messes in the past sixteen months – WE Charity, storming the Capital, lockdowns, rights debates, coup in Myanmar, bombings in Gaza. What are you feeling?

As followers of King Jesus, how does the Bible direct us to interact with government? This week we’ll tackle that prickly topic. In advance, perhaps read 1 Peter 2:13-17 & Romans 13:1-7.

Phil Wagler – lead pastor

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