11 July 2021

Next Steps in a New Normal

Next Normal.
Can we call it that? Not “new” normal or “back to” normal, but NEXT normal.

Life throughout human history is marked by “nexts” that become the reality of living, stewarding, and being.

We’re trudging on together and see hope in front of us as citizens of Heaven and ambassadors of Christ assigned to British Columbia in 2021. What have you been learning? How did you “pandemic” your faith? Who are you becoming? How have we as a fellowship sought to be faithful to Jesus our Lord in this topsy-turvy world? How will we move forward together? Who even are we as a congregation? What is our next invitation?  Jesus has clearly been knock-knocking on the door of our lives, church and world – are we hearing his voice?

These are questions we will focus on this weekend as we describe a vision for the months ahead and open the door to the Spirit’s leading. I invite you to engage in person, online (watch for various ways to engage including livestream, full recorded version, 5-minute version and even a daily devotional), and especially with others. We are the sheep of the Great Shepherd’s pasture; let us hear his voice and follow him with hope and expectation into the next normal.

Phil Wagler – lead pastor