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KGF News & Events

Evening of Worship & Prayer

September 26th @ 7 pm There is much to praise God for – let us worship! There is much to pray for now – let us pray! It’s been 18 months since we’ve had a drummer, a bass player, and an electric guitar player on stage. This weekend we are bringing them back for an evening of worship and prayer. Let’s celebrate the freedom to worship together corporately, and bring our prayers of thanksgiving, repentance and supplication to God! Please come with your family and Join in the chorus!

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Youth Camp Sunday

Oct.3 our youth invite any who want to join their Connect Camp for retreat-style Sunday morning worship, 11am @ Morning Star Bible Camp (bring a picnic lunch too). One more youth from KGF is planning to celebrate baptism this day. KGF will still meet at our KGF Church Campus on Gordon Ave, LiveStream online, and in Hubs…but going to camp is another way to connect to Know Jesus and make Him known.

September 26th, 2021|Categories: KGF Community, Youth|

Refugee Update

Good news! Our last refugee sponsored family, the Bargouts, are FINALLY welcoming their eldest daughter, Reem and husband Khalid, along with 2 young daughters, Nada and Sham, to Canada! They are arriving at the Kelowna Airport on Thursday, Sept 23 in the evening. They have waited a long 4 years to be reunited when they said goodbye in Jordan as refugees. We celebrate that Evangel Church has worked on sponsoring them and we helped play a part when we raised $8000 for the family at our Refugee Fundraising Dinner back in February of 2020. Thank You KGF! Please [...]

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Be the Church Survey. 09.2021

Throughout the year we check-in on our life as a Gospel-Fellowship people. Your participation in these surveys helps us assess our health as a community of disciples and strengthen our work in being the church. Below are links to all three surveys. Each week one will be on FACEBOOK and in the newsletter, but if you miss one or want to do them together - here they are - and thanks. Be the Church - Survey Link 1 Be the Church - Survey link 2 Be the Church - Survey Link 3 [...]

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Baptism Celebration

Callie Affleck About seven months ago, I was in a really rough place. I was suicidal, angry all the time, somehow insecure and judgemental at the same time, and worst of all I’d completely closed off my heart from God and wanted nothing to do with Him. It stayed like that for months, up until around the beginning of this summer. Even though at that point my relationship with God was nonexistent, I kept coming to youth events and things like CREW simply because I still loved the people there -- and I’m so grateful that God put [...]

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Ascent – A Pathway to Purpose

ASCENT is aimed at young adults who are interested in exploring their personal calling and taking steps to live that out in the world around them. It is designed to be lived out within the local church and experienced in community. At its heart, the pathway is a guided journey to help young adults know God, know their call, and know others. We will be meeting on Sunday's after service over lunch at KGF. Email Devan ( for more information.

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IMPACT Thanksgiving Potluck

Join us for the IMPACT Thanksgiving Potluck, October 7th  in the HUB at KGF Church. We are featuring "The Tenors". Time: 5:45 pm (dinner served sharply at 6:00 pm) – 8:30 pm Bring one of the following: Vegetable casserole, Meat casserole salad for 10/12 persons Buns, Dessert, & Beverage will be provided. Cost $5.00 per person Registration is required for this event. Click the link below. Registration link

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