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KGF 2020 Annual Report

Click here for the 2020 KGF Annual Report Hello KGF! Above, you’ll be able to read through our 2020 Annual Report, a look back over a year that was truly transformative. You’ll read through the stories and stats of a year that had significant upheaval in it. As our country and province experienced great change through the pandemic, so too did our church: it was filled with adaptation, adjustment and agility. And yet the question remains: what is next? If this is us looking backwards, what does it look like as we think ahead? I invite you to read [...]

April 1st, 2021|Categories: KGF Community|

KGF Board Member Candidates announced

Hello church family, As we head towards our AGM, we have 4 names that we would like to put before you at the behest of our board.  These individuals are members of our church who have been nominated to take up positions on our board.  Please consider them prayerfully as we will be voting on them at the Virtual AGM.  If you have any questions about these individuals or the process involved in their being put forward, please reach out to us here at the church office (  and we’ll be sure to address them.  God bless you [...]

March 18th, 2021|Categories: KGF Community|

Plastic Sleeping Mat: A Kelowna Gospel Mission project

If you have an ever growing pile of plastic shopping bags and are looking for some ways to serve those living in homelessness – how does learning to weave a plastic sleeping mat sound? Kelowna Gospel Mission has provided us with a key way that we can support their community - Regardless of the time of year, a sleeping mat is an important possession to keep those living in homelessness to maintain body warmth while sleeping on the ground. If this is something that you or your family is interested in dig in, and pass the finished mats [...]

April 15th, 2021|Categories: Adults, Kelowna Gospel Mission, Kids, Stories at KGF|

Shared Stories: Hilda Hamm

Hilda Hamm on the left with her sister, Katie. Hilda Hamm was born February 15th, 1931 in Rosenthal/Khortitza in the Ukraine. She was born into a happy family with 3 older siblings Helena, Viktor and Katie (John Rempel). Rosenthal (Rosevalley) was a beautiful and prosperous village. When Hilda was 7 years old her father David was sent into exile and not until years later were they told when he had died. Her parents had a strong faith and their mother Helena continued to nurture her children with Bible stories. Fruit trees and a large garden nourished [...]

April 14th, 2021|Categories: KGF Community|

Shared Stories: Katie Rempel

Katie Rempel on the Rt with her sister, Hilda. Katie Hamm was born on April 30, 1927 to David & Helena Hamm in Rosental Chortitza, Ukraine. She has memories of a very happy childhood, the third of four siblings with Godly loving parents, who owned a property where they planted over 100 fruit trees, vegetables, and many flowers.  They were taught the ways of God secretly at home when, in 1935, churches were closed, pastors imprisoned and at school they were told there was no God and that they should burn their Bibles. In 1938 the [...]

April 7th, 2021|Categories: KGF Community|

Shared Stories: Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith says “how happy I was when we moved to the area, started going to KGF Church and found how friendly and willing the neighbours were to give my husband Allen and I a ride in to church when we had to give up driving." Daughter Susan says “my mother always felt happy and secure, growing up in London, England as the middle child in a home where life revolved around the local Baptist church where her father was the organist and Sunday School Superintendent.  Her mother was the President of the Missionary Society, and her [...]

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