This two minute video highlights the incredible program that has come together to teach English to whole families of newcomers to Canada, including Syrian refugees. Thanks to the Faith Community of Kelowna who has come together to make this happen for July & August 2017.

For more information on the program and this ministry, email Debbie McMillian @ Evangel Church, [email protected]

Grateful to Curtis Allen @ Solid Rock Video for his amazing production,

Pastor Mike takes 60 seconds with Pregnancy Care Center Executive Director Norma Cody to encourage you to be part of the 2017 Baby Bottle Campaign. We can't love this ministry any more, and are inviting you to help it move forward with your financial partnership. Fill a bottle with coins / cash / checks and return to KGF by Sunday August 27th. More online, 

We love stories of transformation, and Nathan Matis spends time sharing his journey with us here.  

Privileged to be present for Michael Tulak's baptism @ Gardom Lake on Wednesday July 26. Michael is head male counselor this year, and is stepping forward in baptism as a public declaration of his love for Jesus and desire to follow Him. So good! Grateful to have Morgan Taylor and his pastor present. 

We want to do a better job of communicating with our KGF Church family how we are doing from a financial perspective.  Pastor Mike took a few minutes in the July 23, 2017 services to share the good news as we are 6 months into our 2017 financial year, and how you can partner with us through giving.  Click here to discover all the ways to do just that -

Sometimes we think that we have to be in the "right place" or at the "right time" to hear from God.  Jeff Michaud shares a powerful personal story that changed all that for him.  From the larger message "What If. . ." on Moses & the Burning Bush, online here -

You will never know "who" you are until you know "Whose" you are.  Identity is such an important issue to settle in our lives, and Pastor Mike takes 90 seconds in a recent service to remind us of how God actually sees us. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017 21:40

Finding Purpose to Persevere - Ryan's Story

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A life of anger, drugs, crime and jail seemed to be the only future for Ryan.  But then something happened that changed everything.  He tells the powerful account here.

Find out about the ministry of Freedom's Door online - 

The good news is God knows there is more to your story.  He knows your past, and He is not done with you yet.  Here's Marcel Morneau with a powerful moment from the larger message on the uncomfortable Old Testament "Hero" Samson.  Full message here - 

Are you the kind of person who likes the good news first or the bad news? In this 60 second clip from the larger message, "Building Boats in the Sun", Pastor Mike Penninga shares the amazing hope and promise that comes out of a very difficult Old Testament story. Watch the full message here

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