When God says He is in the business of making new creations, what does that mean?  Pastor Mike shares one tangible example of that from a woman in our church family who had her language transformed after coming to Christ.  Watch the full message online here -

Our goal is to fill 150 Refugee Relief kits to give back to MCC who will ship oversees to people in need.  Many of you have already brought your buckets back. . . thank you!  Here's Pastor Mike with a 2 minute video on what goes inside, how much it costs, and how you can help us meet this goal by the end of May.  Find the list of items online here - 

Kids everywhere want them.  Fidget Spinners are surprisingly addictive.  And Pastor Mike took a couple minutes with 8 and 10 year old Katie & Kyle to find out whether there is a deeper message that we can find behind the cool factor.  

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People have been asking what they can do to help during this time of flooding in Kelowna.  Pastor Mike took 3 minutes to interview Jinger Goma and Patty Lou Bryant from the Salvation Army (the evacuation relief center on the corner of Sutherland & Burtch) on tangible ways you can help.  

As you know we are anticipating the biggest flood in 200 years. At The Salvation Army, at the corner of Burtch and Sutherland, we are hosting the reception centre. We anticipate receiving 100s of families for the next 48 hours. We are in need of:

Cookies, chips, granola bars, juice boxes, snack packs of nuts, and fresh fruit.

Would love some gluten free and sugar free items for those with special dietary needs. Sorry we cannot accept any homemade baking.

The office is open from 9am to 4:30 and the reception centre is open from 11am to 8pm--thank you so much for helping our community.

You can find out more by calling 250-860-2329 or visiting 1480 Sutherland Avenue,  

KGF is hosting a 4-week class taught by Patrick Bell, starting Monday night, May 22 from 7:00-8:30 p.m., culminating with a day-long business building “boot camp” on Saturday, June 17.

Many Christians mistakenly believe that there is a hierarchy of Christianity, with those in full-time ministry at the top and business people near the bottom, who are (unfortunately) serving the god of money.

We believe that every person is a minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ, wherever they are called to serve. This 4-week series is specifically for business people (or those exploring the option) and will focus on our lives in the business world. Evening sessions will be divided into two sections—the first 45 minutes will be devoted to exploring the biblical premise for viewing our business as our calling. The second half will be devoted to practical business building strategies and tactics.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up, email [email protected], Join & share the Facebook event page here -

Exciting News! KGFYouth is going on their very first YEAR END CAMP!! We are getting grades 5 to 12 in

a bus and heading up to Camp Owaissi (just north of Bear Creek) for a weekend of crazy fun and spiritual

encouragement. Dates are Friday May 26th to Sunday May 28th.

Storm Moore, much-loved youth speaker in Kelowna, will be sharing, and worship music provided by our youth worship team! Retreats are always a powerful time for teenagers, and we trust this weekend will be very significant for everyone. Please check out the promo video that our youth intern, Devan Scollon, put together!

Deadline for registrations is Wednesday, May 24th. To register please click here: 

More information on the Camp will be posted on the Event page:

If you have any questions, please email Pastor Marcus: [email protected]

We love the fact that KGF is truly a multi-generational church, with people of all ages calling this family home.  But it is especially exciting to see so many kids growing up in a place where they can discover Jesus and His plan for their lives.  We take 90 seconds in this video to interview a parent, a kid, and a couple who serve in this exciting ministry.  

"I love the story a grandmother told me recently of her driving by KGF mid-week, and her 6 year old grandson saying “Mommy, it’s not church day, why are there cars at church?” She was able to tell him that KGF is more than a Sunday. I loved that phrase, and that’s what we’re calling this year’s Next Step & Capital Campaign, “More Than A Sunday”. Because this Church Family exists for more than a Sunday, and your financial partnership pays dividends far beyond Sunday."

Pastor Mike Penninga introduces the 2017 Together We Can Campaign, and how you can be a part with our 50 - 50 - 50 partnership.

  • 50 new givers to KGF
  • 50 current givers choosing to increase their giving
  • $50,000 raised for Next Step & Capital Projects @ KGF in 2017.

Read more online here: 

Click here to discover the giving options @ KGF

Children are a gift from the Lord, and we love the opportunity to stand with their parents & families as they dedicate them for His glory.  Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with 5 child dedications from 3 families on Sunday April 30, 2017


Pastor Mike was interviewed by Marjorie Horne on AM 1150's radio show "Engaging in Aging" this past week, and we are able to share that full 13 minute conversation here. Marjorie specializes in helping seniors in times of transition, and she will be joining us at KGF on Thursday May 4th for an important night of "Building Momentum for Change & New Beginnings". That is going to be a great night, open to all, 7pm - 9pm in the HUB. More about that in this radio conversation.

Get to know Marjorie on her website here - 

Marjorie also writes a column for the Capital News, and you can read it here - 

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