It's Biking Season!

It's Biking Season!

Warm weather is here and so are the bikes at KGF. So nice to see the bike racks full. Eleanor Hogg is just one of many who enjoy a two wheel journey to church! 

The IMPACT of KGF Youth - Two Mom's Share Their Joys

The IMPACT of KGF Youth - Two Mom's Share Their Joys

It's been a joy to watch the growth of our KGF Youth Ministry, touching so many teens & pre-teens and helping them with their spiritual journey.  We asked a couple of parents to share what they have seen from a first hand perspective.  They both happen to be named "Shannon" :) 

Shannon Frank (Parent of 2 teens)

The Jr. High Youth Ministry at KGF has been an amazing blessing on our family. I love how welcoming Devan and Pastor Marcus make my kids feel. It is so important for me to know that my boys are being led by men that touch their hearts with God's Spirit and His Word. That Spirit radiates from Devan and you can tell that he loves working with our children and that he is always up for the challenge of being tackled, tickled, and harassed by the Youth! He brings real life experience and joy to anything they are doing and I love hearing about it from my kids when they come home. I love KGF and love that they are so dedicated to finding young men with hearts and a passion for Jesus like Devan to teach and train up our kids. We are truly blessed!

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Shannon Ferch on KGFYouth

How has KGF Youth and the Youth Life Groups impacted my son this past year? Wow! How much time have you got?! Over the course of this past year, I have watched, cheered, spent time on my knees and quietly observed my 16/17year old grow from a child to a young man. I have watched his faith grow as he desires to draw closer to God, he has become more disciplined and mature in his faith...asking questions and challenging the status quo...he has been held accountable by the guys in his Life Group and by Pastor Marcus – who agreed to mentor him halfway through the year. He has "his people" – guys to whom he belongs and who love him. It has been a joy to watch (through Mama eyes) and I am excited to see more as Levi enters Gr12 and his final year of Youth. We are blessed to have a church that invests in and pours into our families

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Well Done Curtis Allen!

Well Done Curtis Allen!

So proud of this guy, KGF's video director Curtis Allen who is stepping out to speak at Kelowna Christian School Chapel about what it means to tell stories of significance through video. Well done friend. Love that you are leveraging you gifts for Gods purposes! You can watch the video he shared by clicking here -

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"How the KGF Church Family has Impacted My Life"  Real Life Testimonies

"How the KGF Church Family has Impacted My Life" Real Life Testimonies

We invited our KGF Church Family to write their anonymous response to this question: “KGF has impacted my life in the following way. . .”  Their responses are incredibly encouraging, and we have compiled them here.  

  • Creating a spiritual family when my family lives outside BC.
  • Involvement in ministry through which I’ve gotten to know people here so closely that I now have people I turn to when I need support. A lot of these people are so much more experienced in life than I.
  • Young adults ministry. Some of my closest friends I met here. They have been catalysts in my walk of faith. I also have the opportunity to serve in this ministry and watch it grow in many ways over the years.
  • Allowing me to be a part of a church family that truly follows Jesus, our King and Saviour, in words and actions. It has taught me what love looks like on grand scale actions as a church family and what love looks like in small things.
  • I have been able to ask my big questions and have been given resources.
  • Community. After moving to Kelowna, it was amazing to find a place where I belonged.
  • Welcoming my fiancé and I into this church. We feel loved and encouraged every time we enter KGF.
  • KGF has taught me how to use my gifts, has given me friends, and has provided me with a community that I can be open in and challenge my faith.
  • Making me want to come back to church.
  • Prayed us through a difficult time and continue to stand behind us in love and prayer.
  • The ability to be able to be a part on Sunday at home. I have had bad health and am not able to be here, so online is my family connection.
  • Allowing me to grow in my faith through some of the most challenging years of my spiritual journey. I’ve met people who encourage me and love on me. I’ve been blessed to be a part of this family.
  • Love at KGF is more than just a word. It is practiced. I feel the love at KGF. Sunday morning is my favourite part of the week. I can’t wait. I love it here. I am so encouraged.
  • I feel less anxious and more prepared for the day.
  • My wife and I have enjoyed our life group each week. We have a wonderful prayer time and Bible study video. We are loved my every member.
  • Providing a new family for my family. A place where we feel safe and loved and the presence of God.
  • I feel better and more hopeful.
  • Teaching, leadership, amazing people, new friends, great Sunday school, connecting with partnerships in the community, and making us feel so welcomed.
  • The online stories of faith, personal relationships, the amazing teaching of the Word of God, Kids @ KGF, Alpha, and the culture of love experienced here.
  • I came from a very traditional church who often were very judgemental if someone was seen to be walking a sinful path. This family has helped me to see that God’s love is unconditional by showing me He loved us while we were still sinners.
  • The messages and teachings and living inter-generationally.
  • This church has been important in recalibrating my life’s compass when I have strayed off the right path in a world of distraction.
  • Being welcomed into the family. So friendly, loving, and such a blessing. Thank you all pastors.
  • Solid Bible teaching and all the support and love we have received as we travel our difficult journey. We know that we are not alone and that we are loved!
  • The awesome fellowship we encountered from day one of our attendance here. The Impact group has been a tremendous blessing as well as the Core Groups we have been involved with. The messages have caused us to reflect on our spiritual lives.
  • Created a family.
  • Creating an environment of joy and community that I look forward to entering every week.
  • I love the way the worship team leads us into worship. It is such a key part of being here on Sundays.
  • Making me look forward to church. The focus is on prayer and giving versus the church itself; this has been so refreshing and makes me love KGF.
  • I have enjoyed the messages of God’s love. I am thankful for the emphasis on “You are loved” in a world where Christians have had a reputation.
  • Great, convicting preaching.
  • Honest and passionate worship, allowing me to express my love to the Lord. Worshiping freely with other believers is a gift. Thank you worship ministry team!
  • Giving me community and strength.
  • It’s a safe place where you can be real. You truly are loved and to grow your walk with Jesus.
  • Being a place to belong. Consistent teaching.
  • Providing love, joy, happiness, and feeling wanted. Impact groups give me love and friendship. Without this church, I would not be who I am today. This church shows me how to have more faith and love for Jesus.
  • Messages and music are awesome. I feel so welcome and loved.

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Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones. . . Reflections on James 3

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones. . . Reflections on James 3

One of our Thursday noon hour Bible Study members, Ethel Laidlaw, spent some time reflecting on the passage in James 3 that speaks of the power of the tongue.  We wanted to share them here.  

Hi Mike, Had a few thoughts after our book club meeting.

Bit in Horse's mouth -  recently learned that a horse needs to be able to move his head to lie down (must lower his head), to rise (must lift his head up before standing) and to stop a runaway you must use the bit and pull head to one side which will make the horse go in a circle and eventually stop if you keep his head turned! (He will run in circles because he follows his head) Could have used that knowledge in years' past.  What kind of bits has God provided for his children??

"Sticks and stones will break.....but names will never hurt me" is a lie from the enemy.  How we ever bought into it I don't know, especially Christians.  All of us have experienced this kind of hurtful attack either towards ourselves or others as children for certain, as teenagers or even as adults.  Critical words are sharp barbs that penetrate and hook into our hearts.  They attempt to change our persective on our identity and undermine confidence and trust.  In a tender heart these types of words plants seeds of doubt and shame which can take years to overcome, if at all.  Often they come with an aside of "just kidding" and lots of laughter from others which does not minimize their impact on the person being targeted. 

It is my belief that the passage from Isa 54:17, that "No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn" and "this [peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition} is the heritage of the servants of the Lord," is a clear command from God to put up a wall (guard) around our heart immediately and condemn the effect of these type of words with our own words.  God gives us this authority. 

Telling someone that the words don't matter does not line up with the message of the importance of words in scripture.  They also lead to a heart issue.

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KGF's Grace Bell off to Jerusalem Israel for Studies

KGF's Grace Bell off to Jerusalem Israel for Studies

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For those who don’t know me, my name is Grace Bell and I’ve been attending KGF for two years, and serving the family where I can. I was asked to share about my upcoming adventure to Israel this June and July!

For 6 weeks, I will be in Israel taking two courses at Jerusalem University College ( The first course is “The Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible.” This course is a three-week intensive academic study integrated with field studies which are designed to introduce students to the geography, history and archeology of Israel. The second course is “Jesus and His Times’, a two-week intensive course designed to teach students the historical, cultural and religious setting of the life and teachings of Jesus. Both courses include regular field trips into various places in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. I will also be taking a three-day field trip into Jordan for some archeological study!

There are three key reasons as to why I’ve chose to go on this trip. First, the travel bug has itched up a storm and its really time for me to regain some international perspective and have some fun while doing some travelling. The second reason is that I want to dive deeper into learning Israel’s incredible history and understand more on how and why Israel has such a great influence on the world today. Finally, I would like to have a more thorough understanding of the Bible and how it relates to me and my relationship with God today.

If you’d like to pray for me while I’m away, that would great! My main prayer requests are for smooth travelling, safety, good health, and an open heart to what God wants to teach me during the trip! I will also be documenting my trip while I’m there so if you’d like to keep updated on what I’m learning and what I’m seeing, let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

Grace :)  [email protected] 

Thank You KGF Handymen

Thank You KGF Handymen

So grateful for people like Jim and Merv and John who take such care and attention in maintaining things like our communion table. Beautiful picture of a church that follows Jesus together. Thank you!

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Thank You Kids Ministry Volunteers!

Thank You Kids Ministry Volunteers - Treat Waiting For You!

Do you volunteer in Kids Ministry? There are lots of people who do, from Sunday morning Teachers & Helpers to Leaders in Training, Birthday Card Makers, Baby Hat Knitters, Special Events, Prep & Maintenance Teams. We have a little "thank you" for you this Sunday in the foyer. Your investment is truly paying kingdom dividends. From our team to yours, thank you!

Sue Gagnon, Children's Ministries Director [email protected]

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Family Fun Day - Sunday June 11, 11:30am - 2:00pm @ Casorso School

Family Fun Day - Sunday June 11, 11:30am - 2:00pm @ Casorso School

Hello KGF Church Family!  Would you please take a minute to mark your calendars for Sunday June 11th.  That's going to be our end of year celebration, beginning with ONE powerful gathering for the whole family at KGF at 10am, and moving into a Family Fun Day right in our neighborhood at Casorso Elementary School. 

We are excited to come together for a Family Fun Day that will be a blessing for KGF and our surrounding community that has been home to KGF for nearly 4 decades.  It is a great way for us to celebrate life in the family, and to create a non-threatening first contact point for family and friends and neighbors.

The Family Fun Day will include bounce houses, dunk tanks, food trucks, games for all ages, and lots of time to just be together. 

We need your help to make it happen, with two dozen people saying yes to help with set up, event support and clean up.  Let us know that you’re on board by emailing [email protected]

Map to Casorso Elementary School here 

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Personal Testimonies from 2017 Women's Retreat @ Gardom Lake Bible Camp

Personal Testimonies from 2017 Women's Retreat @ Gardom Lake Bible Camp

70 women came together @ Gardom Lake Bible Camp for a weekend of encountering God afresh and building relationships with others.  It was amazing on so many fronts.  Here are a couple of the stories from women who attended.  

18422984 1603845529657076 246381225947338427 oBrave in the Broken

I arrived at Gardom with no expectations, other than to being open to where God would move in my life and in the lives of Women who stepped out for the weekend. Through the course of the weekend we were challenged by our speaker and through the presence of God to step out in various ways and be brave. For some this might have been too simply to show up. For me God broke down walls, reminded me where I had been brave and where I need to continue to lean into him more.

It was so empowering to see women in all seasons and stages encouraging, laughing, crying and tackling fears by being brave. The line that stuck with me is “if it’s not big it’s not brave” and for me that meant allowing God to guide my weekend and let go of my agendas. Where else can you enjoy amazing food, connections, and growth in a weekend?

I look forward to the next retreat and feel empowered, encouraged to step out and be brave. Where in your life is God calling you to be brave?

Stephanie Martens

When the topic for a Ladies Retreat was chosen to be “BRAVE” it brought both hope and conviction to mind.  6 years ago I had attended a similar event at the invitation of a dear friend.  When she asked me now if I was coming – the answer was yes! The highlights were being with  women of all ages, worshiping and learning together – how precious. The speaker spoke from her heart and deeply touched ours in the process.  God’s presence was among us.  So glad I was there!

PS  The food we enjoyed is usually reserved for high-end restaurants...but then we are daughters of The King.

Irma Timm

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How God Changed My Bad Language: Nancy Tordiffe

How God Stopped My Swearing: Nancy Tordiffe

Nancy Tordiffe May 2017The day after I accepted Christ, I stopped swearing. I didn't intend to. Wasn't my plan. Completely surprised and mystified me at first. At the time I was manager of an investment office in which everyone swore all the time. My language was so bad that I made truckers blush.

Suddenly I stopped swearing and everyone noticed the change. I couldn't explain it at first but soon realized it was God who took away my swearing and gave me a new desire to speak in a way that honoured Him.

At first my staff expected me to "order" them to stop swearing too. I told them that was between them and God just as my language was between me and God. Then they tried to trick me into swearing. Next they started apologizing to me if they swore in front of me. Within 6 months, everyone in the office had stopped swearing. Only God can do that.

God took my foul language from me to show me His power and to show everyone around me He can and will continue to transform anyone and everyone who submits to Him.

Nancy Tordiffe