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“Andy Stanley writes that in order for us to effect change, we ourselves need to change. When it comes to God wanting to work through us publicly in the world He loves, He first has to work in us privately. Listen to Pastor Marcus unpack the story of David & Goliath, an epic battle which turns out to be not so much about David getting ahold of Goliath’s head, but more about the story of God getting a hold of David’s heart. You will find out how God’s ways are unpopular, unconventional, and untimely. May this message help all of us respond to God’s ways in obedience and worship!” More online,

Daniel is far more than just these two stories, so easily dismissed as kid’s stories. It’s a book of 12 chapters, the first 6 being the easiest to read, and the last 6 getting progressively trickier for our sensibilities. So, this morning, I want to look beyond our own experience of this book and hopefully recognize why it was so important to the jewish people, even having a massive influence on Jesus’ own preaching and self-understanding. Forget about a single story, It’s a book worth wrestling with.  Here's Pastor Levi to help us with that.  

What happens when “fear” trumps “faith”?  Where in our lives have we missed God’s best for us because we have seen the obstacles as opposed to the opportunities?  Where has our focus been on the “giants”, instead of our “God”?  Where have we stumbled at the “problems” instead of God’s “provision?”  I believe God has a clear call for each of us today, from the story of Joshua & Caleb in Numbers 13 & 14. . . He is looking for men and women of Faith who will step past fear because He goes ahead of us.   Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with Part 5 of our summer series, "More Than A Kids Story"

What if. . . we listened when God called?  What if. . . we obeyed when He invited?  What if. . . we said yes when He said go?  What if. . . we truly lived surrendered to His plans?

In Part 4 of our summer series, "More Than a Kids Story", we dive deep into one of the most famous encounters in Scripture. . . Moses and the Burning Bush, from Exodus 3.  Guest preacher Jeff Michaud invites us to ask the "What If" question in response to all God has for us.  

Samson is a story that usually conjures images of a well-built long haired fellow doing some incredible exploit with his bare hands! At best the story usually feels completely un-relatable to most of us, and at worst ridiculous or even misleading.

But what if there are profound lessons waiting within the story that we may never have noticed before?

It’s a story of brokenness and grace, and it comes with such a twist as to inspire hope at the deepest level.

Here's Guest Preacher Marcel Morneau with Part 3 of our Summer Series: "More Than A Kids Story" 

Are you okay with building boats when it isn’t raining?  Are you okay with obeying when it doesn’t make sense?  Faithfulness when everyone mocks you.  Faithfulness when you don’t see the outcome. Are you okay with building boats when it isn’t raining?  Are you okay with obeying when it doesn’t make sense?  Faithfulness when everyone mocks you.  Faithfulness when you don’t see the outcome. Faithfulness even when you’re swimming upstream, against the flow. Pastor Mike Penninga opens our eyes to the person of Noah in Part 2 of our series, "More Than A Kids Story" 

There are certain stories that find their way into every kid Bible. David & Goliath, Noah & the flood, Moses and the Red Sea, Adam & Eve, Daniel and the Lions Den. We love these stories for so many reasons, and often they have been with us from a very young age. 
But what if these are more than kids stories? What if God wants to reveal something about us, about faith, about following Him, about trust, about prayer, through their lives? 
This summer we are taking 10 weeks to unpack 10 of the most famous “kid stories” of the Old Testament. Because these stories are meant to impact our lives today! 
Pastor Mike begins at the beginning (good place to start!) with a story that is foundational for all of our lives, and a question that matters more than we can imagine: "Which voices are you listening to?"

Seek me, God says, and you will find me. It’s not about what you know, it’s not about what you don’t know. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest one in the room, or the slowest, the call is the same: turn to God, and put your trust in him. Practice a life of prayer, dive into the story of God and his people, open yourself to help and be helped by brothers and sisters in Christ, whether it’s this summer at camp, this afternoon in your homes, tomorrow at work, you will find God when you seek him with your all your heart

Pastor Levi took a few minutes on Camp Sunday June 25th to unpack Gardom Lake's Summer 2017 theme: "True North". Key verse from Jeremiah 29:13 "If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me."

We are pleased to be able to share the FULL Service Video from Sunday June 18 (Father's Day) 9:00am service.
Pastor Mike Welcome - 00:00
Worship Team - 2:30
Baptism - 27:00
Family Time - 32:00
Welcoming Devan Scollon - 38:00
Celebrating Grads - 45:00
Pastor Marcus Message - 49:00

"Most of us are familiar with the 3 temptations of Jesus, but have we ever considered WHY they were so tempting…and that they are actually the temptations that everyone Faces! On Grads & Dads Sunday, listen in as Pastor Marcus calls grads, dads—and everyone—To bring our deepest longings to our Father, the longings for provision, approval, and a name."

Sunday, 11 June 2017 09:40

Celebration Sunday - Ticket to Ride!

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Have you ever played the game "Ticket to Ride"?  It's a fantastic board game where you try to connect cities via train routes.  The way you do that is by spending the tickets you collect throughout the game. 

Pastor Mike uses this illustration to remind us on Celebration Sunday that we are meant to "invest" what has been entrusted to us.  The goal of life is not to stockpile but to use what God has given us to go where He invites us. 

Our Identity is the foundation.  Live like you’re loved!

Our Mission is the purpose.  Live for that which lasts!

Today we come to the end of our 7 week journey through the very intense and personal Book of James.  We wanted to close in a very special way, a chance for us to see the “big picture” behind James’ letter.  That’s why we have asked our friend Chris Priebe to present this entire letter as one unified whole. . . from memory!  You’ll hear the story behind it, and hopefully inspire you to look for ways to let God’s Word find a permanent place in your heart and lives.

What's the first thing you do when you are suffering?  Complain to others?  Shake a fist at God?  Get mad?

James says there is a better way. And it involves recognizing the one thing that can actually make a difference.  Prayer. 

Here's Pastor Mike Penninga with part 6 of our series, "A Faith to Live By"

How can we live a life surrendered to God when the world has such a grip on our hearts?  A powerful message by KGF Youth Intern Devan Scollon, part 5 of our 7 part journey through James in the series "A Faith to Live By". 

It was one of the first comebacks we learned as a kid on the playground: “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me!”  What kind of crazy person came up with that?  Words can be incredibly hurtful.  In fact words can have a long lasting impact on our lives.  The tongue is powerful.  And we are called to tame it.

In part 4 of our series, “A Faith to Live By”, Pastor Mike draws our attention to the vital importance of controlling and directing our words.  This is truly a message for all of us!

Faith is not simply belief.  Faith lives.  Faith loves.  Faith steps in.  Faith embraces courage. 

Faith is not passive but active!

In part 3 of our 7 week journey through the book of James, guest preacher Sid Koop brings us to the heart of the issue with a powerful message entitled "Living Faith is Loving Faith"  Get to know more about Sid online here - 

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