Who We Are

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission: “To know Jesus and make Him known.”

We live that mission through our vision: “To co-create communities where each of us is awakened and equipped to live out the unique calling God has for us.”

Our values shape our life and ministry together

  • Deeper in prayer, scripture, and faith

  • Real in our relationships

  • Choosing God’s hope, even through pain

  • Led by the Holy Spirit

  • Living out God’s love

Faith Statements


KGF Church is a member of the family of British Columbia Mennonite Brethren Churches.

MB Confession of Faith

Our faith and life is guided by the confession of faith we share with the Canadian Mennonite Brethren family.


We are connected to a global church family through the International Community of Mennonite Brethren.


We are blessed with a fantastic group of women and men on our staff and board teams who love Jesus, His church, and His Good News mission! We encourage you to know them, pray for them, and encourage them as they serve and equip us to live out the callings God has for us.

KGF Board and Staff
Connect With Us

Todd Ringness (Board Chair)

Phil Wagler (Lead Pastor)


On October 30, 1960, KGF Church gathered for the first time when forty-two people met in the Kelowna Women’s Institute Hall.

Coming from a German-speaking heritage, the first KGFers envisioned engaging and serving the city in English and living as a church with a mission of compassion and evangelism at its heart. From the very beginning KGF sought to be a Fellowship of Good News!

Over the years the KGF family met in both rented and owned facilities. In February 1979 the congregation opened our current facility at the corner of Gordon Dr. & Casorso Rd.

In 2004 KGF – seeking partnership with an evangelical-anabaptist denomination that shared common convictions about the Good News of Jesus and the historical Christian view of marriage – joined the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

Over the years, KGF has persevered through the challenges and successes of being a family of diverse people saved by God’s grace. We celebrate God’s blessing and faithfulness that has repeatedly shaped our learning and growing. We’re still excited about following the Spirit’s leading and we invite you on the journey!